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As Halloween is not an official tradition in Iceland (but is growing more popular every year), Time Out, Tempo’s staff association decided to throw a costume party last Friday at the office.

All employees were encouraged to wear the costume throughout the day and the cookie monster, penguins, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Queen of Hearts, Mathilda from Léon, the new Google logo, a big-boned cheerleader, and Freddie Mercury were a few of the creatures that honoured us with their presence that day.

The festivities continued after work and we of course voted for the best costume. Snæbjörn, our Customer Support expert wore an amazing costume and won the prize for the best one, fair and square. You can probably guess what costume he was aiming for just by looking at it.


We didn’t stop there and played a game of Beanboozled Challenge where jelly beans were disguised in between fruit flavored ones as canned dog food, baby wipes, stinky socks, or even rotten eggs. When we couldn’t handle this game anymore (amazingly, nobody puked), we switched over to a more sophisticated treat – pizza.

In this instance, pictures speak louder than words.


These ladies gave us a hearty welcome


The marketing department is now known as Charlie’s Angels


Penguin number two was eager to get some work done


The Tempo Books team a.k.a. The Gremlins were looking more fabulous than eve


Darth Vader and Mathilda from Léon made sure that everybody stayed on the dark side


The welcoming committee


The new Google logo, a courtesan, a bat, and a rabbi walk into a bar…


Let’s end the picture show with a group photo

We highly recommend a costume party like this at every workplace and are starting to plan the next one!

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Saerun is often called Saruman or Sauron and sees it as a compliment. When not being an annoying spin doctor, a.k.a. a PR professional, she likes to find new hobbies and fixations, such as road biking, hiking, and making hummus at least once a week.

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