Tempo Books: Use Your Time Practically and Effectively in JIRA

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Tempo Books 1.0 is up and running and we are continuing our introduction into Tempo Books. Learn more about the main features of Tempo’s new Professional Services solution on top of JIRA; the Price Table, Team Utilization, the Budget View, and Expenses.

Introducing the Team Utilization. Time is money and every hour spent working is a cost for the business, both billable and non-billable hours. With Tempo Books it’s easy to track value and revenue for client projects. The utilization report depicts how your team and team members are spending their time, showing you the ratio of billable hours vs. non-billable hours divided by issue types.

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Somewhere between marketing and innovation, Steinunn is the product marketing manager for Tempo Cloud. You can find her online most of the time, outside walking, or sailing in the North Atlantic.

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