How Snowflake Software Manages Project Costs in JIRA With Tempo Folio

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Snowflake Software manages multiple consultancy projects of varying sizes, and for a variety of customers. With teams working in Agile sprints, team members can move fluidly between projects as demand builds on a project ahead of a deadline.

What challenges were you facing before that made you turn to Tempo Folio?

JIRA provides tools for managing time logging and sprint planning, but does not readily show overall project progress in terms of schedule or cost.

We tried Tempo Folio and basically found everything we needed in it. It provides all sorts of dashboards and reports with real-time cost tracking information that we can show to our customers. It also gives us the forecasting tools we wanted.

Are there any specific features that your team frequently uses? If so, what would you say about these features?

We use Tempo Folio’s cost tracking screens to manage our own internal costs, and revenues screens for customer costs. Thus, gives us both perspectives on costs to date and forecasts. We make extensive use of the overview dashboard and reporting facilities. We also greatly appreciate Tempo Folio’s ability to automatically derive actual costs from the JIRA worklog that we use to track effort spent on project tasks.

What would you say has been the biggest change in your organization since you’ve started using Tempo Folio?

The most significant benefit we get from Tempo Folio is that our project costs are now always up-to-date, instead of being manually updated hours later. It makes it easy for us to provide our customers the accurate costs information that they want. Plus, we get an excellent view on project performance and projections.


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