Tempo Planner Tip of the Month: Configuring Teams for Agile Planning

We created a new instructional video for Tempo Planner for JIRA, showing how to create and configure new teams. We got some helpful tips from our users following the last Tempo Planner webinar and it seems many of our users felt it would be helpful to include further instructions on how to get started managing teams and projects with Tempo Planner for JIRA.  The video shows how one would go about configuring and populating a brand-new team so that it’s ready for project planning on the Planner timeline.

We will be following this up with a step-by-step guide on how to plan for the new team, starting with a blank slate and an empty Planner timeline.

In this video we will show how how to:

  • Create a new workload scheme
  • Create a new holiday scheme
  • Create a new team member role
  • Create a new team
  • Add team members to the new team
  • Assign team members to the new workload scheme, holiday scheme, and role
  • Set team member permissions
  • Link new team to existing Board and Project



This should give a step-by-step guide of the basic steps needed when setting up a new team for powerful project and program planning in an agile project development environment with Tempo Planner for JIRA


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  1. […] In the Team Space you can also link to the scrum and kanban boards you may be using, edit roles and permissions, and configure workload schemes and holiday schemes for team members. We show how to play around with those configurations in more detail here. […]

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