Tempo Planner 1.1 is Here: New Agile Program Planning, Distributed Team Planning, and More

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Today, we’re releasing Tempo Planner 1.1, which includes brand new features and improvements to help teams communicate better, stay informed, and make better decisions when it matters most. This release includes a new look-and-feel of Tempo Planner, integrated workload and holiday schemes, new program planning features, and more improvements and fixes. Here are some of the highlights:

New Agile Program Planning Features

We’re unveiling program planning functionality in this release to help program managers conduct high-level planning for teams over the course of several months. This is the first in a series of planned features which will provide program management capabilities for managing multiple related projects within an organization. Tempo’s program management functionality is intended to ameliorate the difficulties that many businesses face in harnessing all program related planning information to one centralized place.

Within Tempo Planner’s new program space, program managers can easily associate teams with specific projects within their organization. (In Tempo’s Team Space, teams can already be linked to projects and agile boards, providing quick access to all running projects within the program.) This enables these users to prioritize features, backlogs, and architectural epics at the higher program level before they are delegated to specific teams and team members. Read more on our new program planning features here.

Integrated Workload and Holiday Schemes

Last year, we introduced workload and holiday schemes to our Tempo Timesheets add-on, to enable distributed teams and teams with employees working different schedules within the same office or within offices around the globe to easily plan and track team time, while keeping everyone on the same page.  With this release, we’re introducing these workload and holiday schemes to Tempo Planner for better team capacity planning.

Now, with Tempo Planner, organizations can configure different workloads (hours required per day for specific days of the week) and holidays for individuals or groups of employees, which will be visually reflected in the Planner Timeline for easy reference (if also using Tempo Timesheets, these schemes will also be reflected in the team and user timesheets). With these workload and holiday schemes, Tempo Planner re-calculates team capacity and accounts for team member availability, making it easy to accurately plan for the future.

A default workload scheme is initially created when adding or updating Tempo Planner to this latest version. Tempo admins can edit this default scheme, to which new users and groups are automatically assigned to, or create additional schemes as needed to which users can be assigned. The Planner Timeline reflects these and displays working days, non-working days, and holidays for a selected team, as shown below.

Tempo admins can create holiday schemes based on floating and fixed holidays, as well as organizational days off, and then assign users and groups to these schemes.

With the holiday and workload schemes added, working days will then display on the Tempo Planner Timeline with a white cell background, non-working days will display with a grey colored cell background, and holidays will display with a red cell background, as shown below.

Based on this information, project managers and team leads can easily redistribute tasks with Tempo Planner’s drag-and-drop features and other direct on-screen interactions.

In this screenshot, Saul Goodman and Paco Salendros have been assigned to different workload schemes.

Auto-generated Team Custom Field and more

Tempo Planner now has a Team Custom Field which is automatically generated. This means that JIRA Issues can be assigned to a Tempo team and the team can be used in the JIRA Issue search, like when creating filters for JIRA Agile boards. This feature is especially useful in order to see which epics are assigned to which team in program planning. Note however that users that have already created the field and configured filters with the field name other than Team will need to edit their JIRA filters. See more details on images below and in our documentation.

The Team field is automatically installed with Tempo Teams and “locked”, e.g. it can’t be added manually nor configured.

In this image we can see an epic being assigned to a certain to team.

This release also includes a number of additional improvements and fixes. Check out the Tempo Planner 1.1 release notes for more information.

We’re constantly striving to make Tempo Planner better with each iteration release. Please keep your feedback coming so we can make it even better!

Upgrading Tempo Planner is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Planner for JIRA download through the Atlassian Marketplace.

We’re offering an introductory 30% discount which applies to Tempo Planner license purchases through March 29, 2014.

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Bjarki is the product marketing manager for Tempo Planner and Iceland's number one pineapple enthusiast. He loves playing soccer, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and listening to old school 70's funk.

7 Responses

  1. Dan Roberts says:

    How far off will Tempo Planner for On Demand be?

    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Dan,

      We’re working diligently with Atlassian on an OnDemand solution for Tempo Planner. As of now we don’t have any concrete launch date for the release of OnDemand version of Tempo Planner. Please sign up for our Tempo Planner OnDemand waiting list to get the latest news and updates on this expected release.

      Best Regards,


  2. A G says:


    I’m very excited about where Planer might go and am following it enthusiastically.

    Is there any chance that you could add a feature to exclude ‘done’ epics?

    Maybe it’s my mistake but my epic list seems to include every epic in my project and it’s difficult to work with at the moment…

    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Please sign up for our Tempo Planner OnDemand waiting list to get the latest news and updates on this expected release.

      At the moment we don’t have a feature to exclude ‘done’ epics. But please submit ideas for features you’d like to see in Tempo Planner here

      Best regards,


  3. Paul Spencer says:

    Hi, do you have any plans to make Tempo Planner available via OnDemand?



  4. can you please stop carrying on like OnDemand does not exist! clearly in all your conversations the elephant in the room is the current lack of support for ondemand, why don’t you just spell out your Ondemand plans instead of leaving your tempo ondemand customers in the dark?

    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Andy,

      We’re doing the best we can in building an OnDemand platform for Tempo Planner as soon as possible. We’ve been getting a lot of user feedback regarding OnDemand and are fully aware that users are anxious to get an OnDemand version of Tempo Planner. Unfortunately this process will take some time.
      If you’re interested then please sign up for our Tempo Planner OnDemand waiting list to get the latest news and updates on this expected release.

      Best Regards,

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