AtlasCamp 2014 Recap

Eight of our Tempo team members traveled to Berlin for the AtlasCamp 2014 developer conference. We had a great group, learned a lot, met a lot of new people, and brought many ideas home.  The conference was well-organized with a wide range of talks and presentations. Tempo was very visible at this year’s AtlasCamp. We were featured on at least two slides during the conference:  one showing our OnDemand/BTF ratio, and the other showcasing an example of our vendor-using personas, which are featured throughout our website. Tempo-personas-AtlasCamp2014 Our team members were very visible at all of the events and were able to meet with a number of Experts, Vendors, and Atlassians, from whom we received a good amount of feedback and suggestions on our products. We received a fair number of requests from developers asking for APIs from us. Many of them have built amazing things for our products, and we aim to provide them with better documented and supported APIs in the near future. Overall, we were very encouraged by our momentum and the changes taking place within the Marketplace. There are some really good things to come! Tempo-AtlasCamp-2014Tempo-at-AtlasCamp-2014  

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As Product Technical Manager, Viðar is busy designing and building new awesome features into Tempo for JIRA. He is also very passionate about usability and design of Tempo. Outside of work, he enjoys rock climbing and driving his good old Volvo 240 to Northern Iceland for snowboarding.

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