AtlasCamp 2014 Day #1

Several of our team members are attending AtlasCamp 2014 in Berlin this week. We’ll be providing our commentary on some of the events. Stay tuned for updates!

Lúðvík Snær Hermannsson June 5, 201412:43

Designing Add-ons – Matt Bond
-Design thinking
-Design tools

ADG 2.0

Design thinking
– creativity
– Something new and valuable
– could be software and plugins

Matt talks about changing and expanding Context and form.

the context is your mind and body , the cube is the form but what about expanding the context into art or something bigger.

Define the problem
Study the context
augment the context.

He talks about design tools, as:
In-person Interviews.
AUI sandbox
-Great prototyping tool
– Halfway finished when you are done using it.

You always want to ask good questions in user Testing.
-basic question
-context based
-define the problem
-time sensitive. Don’t ask long questions.

Archetypes of users
-based on research
– interviews
– user testing

They are all on ADG, use them to make Archtypes of your users.

Make design wall to visualize all your problems and also you look extra smart if you use them :)

ADG 2 has lot of new cool stuff like help system, notifications, flat buttons and many more.

Lúðvík Snær Hermannsson June 5, 201412:40

Introducing the Confluence Rest Api – Steve Lancashire.

the new API covers 30% of all possible data.

Features of the Rest API
-default JSON representation
-Hypermedia inside entities.
– Embed Ententies through Expansions
– Common Content model

Steve shows how the new API works to create, change and delete content on pages in Confluence.

He also shows how property is Created, change and Delete via Rest.

CQL – confluence Query language
-Query language for finding content
-Similar to Jql/ SQL where clause
-Only available via rest browser not User based.

– functions,
– similar to JQL functions
– i.e. creator = currentUser()
– plugins can add indexed fields to the JQL query.

Steve shows us demo of the new Query with a long query which is pretty awesome.
They plan on expanding the Index further this year.

Lúðvík Snær Hermannsson June 5, 201412:36

Atlassian Connect State of the Union – Seb Rulz

Connect – how We integrate products in the atlassian universe

OnDemand is growing bigger than ever.,

How does Connect Work?
– Add-on rendered in Iframe
– Isolated CSS and Javascript
-security management
-using public Api’s to fill an Iframe.
– UI integration can look native

Rest APIs
– retrieve and render data within UI
– Increasing Surface area

Business logic
-not locked into Java
-Use your own Dev stack
– No compiling against Atlassian products.

Marketplace automatically updates and manages versioning.

One year ago with Connect:
– we barely had a platform

-35 milestones since last atlasCamp
Atlassian Connect 1.1 coming in June

Brand new JSON descriptor and JWC authentication
Lots of new features.

33 public add-ons based on Connect and 4500 installations.

Where are we going:
-Focusing on the platform
– unlocking more security features
-Enterprise – i18n

JIRA and Confluence still a priority

Connect is currently for OnDemand only
Connect is future of Platform.

Lúðvík Snær Hermannsson June 5, 201412:29

Collaboration State of the Union – Matt Ryall

Confluence – 17000 + customers

New confluence team in Saigon, Congrats on that atlassian!

Jira integration with Confluence – Can create Issues, Epics, sprints in confluence.

new things in Confluence:

Visual roadmaps
Improved tasks.

Blueprints for Business teams
– standardize business use-cases

Enterprise scale
– rewrite of Confluence clustering.
– moved to Hazelcast clustering

– Improving the Confluence API
-Consistent Rest & Java API
-Rest is the Best
-Content API
-fully supported

deprecated Legacy API’s will dissapear

Java API
– experimental Confluence-API

Confluence and Connect
>30% customers onDemand.
>50% evalutors choose onDemand.

Things ready for connect in Confluence:
1, UI integration
2. macros
4. blueprints

Lúðvík Snær Hermannsson June 5, 201412:19

AtlassCamp keynote – Jean-Michel Lemieux

Jean-Michel shows how atlasCamp has evolved since 2008.

product highlights:

Hipchat – They have been expanding the hipchat API, and its getting pretty cool.

Git Essentials – a bundle of JIRA, bamboo, bitBucket and STASH.

In jira:
New Developer panel, can see code brances etc,
The development panel is extensible

– Service Desk
for developers:
good news: build on Jira.
Bad news: No good API available for Service Desk.

– Data Center
Cluster your data
atlassian Verified is a trust Signal for Enterprise customa

– Cloud
+50% of new users coming from the cloud.
15% of add-on bookings.
Great innovation platform.
Safe and scalable.
You control

Marketplace and platform highlights
1500 addons in the marketplace in the end of the year.
Over the last year Atlassian has paid $25,000,000 to the Eco System

the future:
191% YoY

Single click Everywhere.
Vendor Dashboard 2.0

Active installations
More data for vendors about their users and usage. All the data you need in one new tab.
4500 customers have installed plugins via Connect.

Atlassian Sandbox
Can save snippets of code and save them also in a prjoect.

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