My, how we’ve grown!

Tempo 2013 team photoMissing from photo: Bjarni, Jón Egill, Benedikt, and Árni Freyr. 

Every effort worth doing seems like it takes a thousand people to get off the ground. And yet, despite our recent growth, our talented team’s efforts and juggling of multiple new products has been quick, responsive, and pretty darn seamless — so maybe we’re doing the jobs of a thousand people?

Last year around this time, we had eight full-time members of the Tempo team. Today, we’ve got a team of 18 full-time employees and five interns working on some dramatic new features and improvements for Tempo Timesheets and two new JIRA add-ons.

We’ll be rolling out some of the mega-changes — the fruits of our hard work and collaboration — over the next few months, so stay tuned!

Learn more about the Tempo team here.

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Jessie is a New York transplant living in Reykjavík. Her motto is #ABL—always be learning— and having some fun along the way. As the head of marketing, communications & legal initiatives at Tempo, Jessie thinking about storytelling, building a strong brand, growth, teamwork, and grit.

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