AtlasCamp 2013 Day #1

We’re attending AtlasCamp 2013 in Amsterdam this week, and our team will be live blogging the event. Stay tuned for updates!

Jessie May 22, 201314:50

Jonathan Creenaune, Lead Front End Architect, talking about making features better (Moderning Your Plugin UI)

Two main topics in his talk relation to implementation: Beauty (design, layout, consistency, discoverability) & Interactivity (functionality)

Most successful software today has a smaller set of features that work really well.

Viðar May 22, 201314:04

Jurgen Spangl talks about the Atlassian Design Guidelines. Had 52 different types of dropdowns across the products. 90%+ positive feedback on Bitbucket redesign.

Viðar May 22, 201312:50

Dave Meyer presents 7 habits to be successful in the Atlassian Marketplace
Habit #1 Build to sell. Look at what Atlassian customers need. JIRA votes are great place to start.
Habit #2 Want to be found. 64% traffic comes from Google. Next comes direct links. Everything is insignificant. Make great content for SEO. Takes test managment as an example, Zephyr is doing great for organic search. Others use paid search.
Habit #3 Be beautiful on the outside. Will form opinions before trying out your product. High quality screenshots and banners increase traffic. Great branding is important for trust that you need to have people introduce your product into mission critical system

Jessie May 22, 201312:31

Andreas Knecht, JIRA Team Lead, presenting a Deep Dive on Atlassian Connect

Demo source code: Demo source code

Getting Started with Atlassian Connect:

Jessie May 22, 201309:56

Samuel Le Berrigaud, Software Engineer, discussing Atlassian Connect in Action

Develop Play framework in three steps:

1. Build a new Play!app
2. Turn it into a simple (no-op) add-on
3. Define our macro


Jessie May 22, 201309:16

Seb discussing Atlassian Connect:

Goal is to help you Render your add-on in product; Relay; Respond
OnDemand — Testable, stable components, control is yours, don’t ask us to upgrade. You control — deploy bug fixes, updates whenever you like.

Documentation, integration points, helper libraries, test your add-ons locally, Marketplace integration (beta) — list, license, side-loading (developer testing, internal remote add-ons, token distribution).

Lots of releases — early and often. Clear communication on release cycles. Priority is to allow developers to ship add-ons early.

Planning more integration points for plugins: New APIs (REST + Webhooks), and developer tools for Marketplace (command line tools to automatically register and update add-ons).

System Tweaks: Marketplace descriptor; atlassian-plugin.xml; new permissions and authentications scopes (focus on security); sandboxing + security to reduce friction to creating add-on code. Changes will be communicated to devs soon.

After 1.0: deliver to HipChat and Bitbucket; solve problems regarding delivery to behind-the-firewall (onpremise installations); building more plugin points, APIs


Google Group —


Docs —

Viðar May 22, 201309:13

Atlassian Connect available as beta today for OnDemand customers. Will come to behind the firewall instances soon.

Jessie May 22, 201308:56

Seb Ruiz, Engineering Manager at Atlassian. Talking about itnegrations, extensions, and introducing to Atlassian Connect.

We want to allow extensions to our OnDemand offering. Started thinking about the problem 18 months ago. Now need to think 3-5-10 years into the future. What happens to OnDemand in the future? Atlassian Connect will hopefully bring this forward.

Jessie May 22, 201308:43

Atlassian Connect introduced, which is a new development model for creating add-ons that can extend any Atlassian application. No Java. No P2. Works for HipChat and Bitbucket as well. Releasing often, will be in continual contact. The goal is to develop and list on the Marketplace. Great news!

Jessie May 22, 201308:35

Jean-Michel Lemieux, VP of Engineering, giving AtlasCamp State of the Union. JIRA 6.0 looks fantastic!

122 vendors on 200+ paid via Atlassian vendors. 30% of current Atlassian customers also have third-party vendor add-ons, so lots of opportunities available. Customer feedback process via Marketplace being streamlined to encourage more vibrant user-vendor community. “The Marketplace potential has really blown our minds.” Looking toward the future and continuing to improve the process here.

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Jessie is a New York transplant living in Reykjavík. Her motto is #ABL—always be learning— and having some fun along the way. As the head of marketing, communications & legal initiatives at Tempo, Jessie thinking about storytelling, building a strong brand, growth, teamwork, and grit.

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