Tempo Weather Report — Our New Digs

Our offices at TM Software‘s headquarters here in Reykjavík, Iceland, just had a major makeover. The overall atmosphere of our space went from something rather banal to something fresh, spacious, and decidedly colorful. A special emphasis was placed on creating a collaborative environment that better suited and reflected us as a talented, thriving tech company — one that is bright, bold, agile, and fun — and one that people would want to work in and feel inspired by. We firmly believe that this type of setting helps foster passion and innovation.

The Tempo team moved into a new area on the top floor of the Nýherji building. We’re now housed within the same space (united at last with our beloved Tempo Labs team), and are conveniently situated right next to the recreation / lounge area.

We think the results are pretty great! Here’s some before and after photos of our workspace:


Tempo’s office space

Tempo before the makeover

Our old lounge area

Tempo before the makeover

TM Software’s office area

Tempo before the makeover

Tempo before the makeover

The old corridor

Tempo before the makeover

And voilà, these are the results!

The new corridor

TM Software corridor after the makeover

TM Software’s office area

Tempo after the makeoverTempo after the makeover

Tempo’s new office space

Tempo after the makeoverTempo after the makeover

A new and improved lounge area with a nice view

Tempo after the makeover

Superheros watch over us now

Tempo after the makeover

Our new lounge and recreation area

Tempo after the makeoverTM Software lounge area after the makeover

Since the beginning, TM Software has had a great culture, and we think it’s only going to get better as we continue to take some exciting new steps. We’re proud of our headquarters and all of the hard work that went into getting us here. Thanks for stopping by!

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Jessie is a New York transplant living in Reykjavík. Her motto is #ABL—always be learning— and having some fun along the way. As the head of marketing, communications & legal initiatives at Tempo, Jessie thinking about storytelling, building a strong brand, growth, teamwork, and grit.

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