Real-Time Time Tracking in JIRA Using Tempo

It’s a great feeling to resolve an issue. It’s even greater when you manage to do so in much less time than you anticipated. But how much time did you actually spend on resolving it? That question can be extremely difficult, and usually you can only make a rough estimate of how much time you actually spent on an issue. This is one of the key pinpoints of time tracking: calculating time spent is error prone and often inaccurate, especially when you take breaks, phone calls, and other interruptions into account. We at TM Software take time tracking seriously, and constantly strive to remove the pain and inaccuracy from keeping a timesheet with our product, Tempo.

One of the latest innovations coming from our new Tempo Labs is a real-time time tracker for Tempo. The tracker, introduced in Tempo 7.2, can be enabled from the Labs section in the Tempo Administration area. Tempo’s real-time time tracker works as a stopwatch on issues in JIRA, and keeps track of when you start and stop working on an issue.

Tempo User Start Timer

Once you start working on an issue, you simply start the tracker and stop it when you are done or attend to something else. The tracker then pre-populates the ‘Log Work’ form with the start time and calculated time spent, making it super easy to enter your time accurately.

Tempo User Start Timer Main Menu

To keep you focused, a bar is displayed on the bottom of your JIRA screen to tell you the time elapsed and what issue you are working on. The time tracker can also be started or stopped directly from the bar. In case you haven’t created the issue when you start working on it, you can start the tracker without it and select the issue once you are finished.

Tempo Real-Time Time Tracker

We are very excited about the Tempo Tracker — it’s one of the most requested features we’ve received for Tempo. Try it with Tempo 7.2 and tell us what you think so we can make it even more awesome!

Tempo 7.2 is now available for JIRA 5 download on the Atlassian Marketplace.


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As Product Technical Manager, Viðar is busy designing and building new awesome features into Tempo for JIRA. He is also very passionate about usability and design of Tempo. Outside of work, he enjoys rock climbing and driving his good old Volvo 240 to Northern Iceland for snowboarding.

15 Responses

  1. […] 7 and the new features that have been added, including the highly-requested and much-anticipated real-time time tracker that was recently introduced with 7.2, and the ability to now export PDF reports, which was […]

  2. mehmet gurevin says:

    hi, can you add feature of pause for work tracking?

  3. viktor says:

    This is a great feature… thanks… Why not creating a widget with a big ‘START TRACKER’ button on issues selected?!

  4. Sundar says:

    can we prevent a user from modifying the time recorded automatically using the tracker. Because if an organization wanted to measure productivity the whole purpose is lost if a user worked for 4 Hours and changed it to 8 Hours or vice vers.

  5. JP Barbosa says:

    Wow! I didn’t know about this functionality, Maybe you could develop some kind of gadget to improve this feature. Here in my company we developed our own app integrated with Jira, but it will be better to user another one from Tempo (our focus is not develop this kind of thing). Take a look:


  6. Joe says:

    Is the time tracker available separately from Tempo, or only if you pay for Tempo with OnDemand?

    • Jessie Jessie says:

      Hi Joe,

      The real-time time tracker is a feature that is included in Tempo Timesheets, for both on premise and OnDemand installations. Let us know if you need anything else!

  7. Grzeh says:

    Is it possible to find issues currently started and yet not ended by Tempo tracker ? I would like to prepare in JQL a list of issues which are currently “in progress” state in real time. Somthing like: “endTracker IS EMPTY”

    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Grzeh,

      Unfortunately this is not available yet in Tempo Timesheets. I recommend you can submit a feature request here. Other users can then vote on the request and if it gets enough votes then the feature will be developed.

      Best regards,

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