(Press Release) Tempo 7 Released for Improved Time Tracking with New Atlassian JIRA 5

The popular time tracking application has undergone extensive renovations to help make the new JIRA release even more productive for software developers.

March 2, 2012 (Reykjavik, Iceland) – The world of software development has been abuzz since last week over the release of Atlassian’s JIRA 5, which aims to incorporate multiple social features into the development platform widely acknowledged as one of the field’s best. A bevy of plugin developers have been working to take advantage of the new version to issue releases of their own, and among many exciting updates is the announcement of TM Software’s Tempo 7. Since its original release in 2009, Tempo has led the way in time tracking functionality, helping scores of teams and organizations achieve efficiency and gain greater control over their projects and important issues such as billing and payroll. The new release marks one of the plugin’s largest and most ambitious versions to date.

Tempo 7 has been designed to work seamlessly with JIRA 5, and incorporates several of the platform’s new features, such as the ability to view important activity in a convenient activity stream. Advanced timesheets and reports, a powerful calendar view, better account management tools, planning collaborators on issues, and several administration improvements have also been included in the new release to give users and admins alike better resources for their time tracking tasks. Increasing users’ power over the management and organization of data yet rendering functionality straightforward, these new additions are sure to make using Tempo both more productive and more pleasant. A major overhaul of the Tempo user interface has been completed as well, which helps improve the overall user experience and streamlines the plugin’s many features for more intuitive navigation.

In line with the developers’ long-standing commitment to reviewing and incorporating user feedback, Tempo 7 is marked by a variety of improvements and new additions inspired by user reports and requests. From more flexible account reports and the ability to add a security token to API access control to planned percentage for teams and multiple projects and beyond, veterans of Tempo will find a variety of features and fixes based on community needs. Many other perks await those who take advantage of the new release to get started with Tempo or upgrade to the new version, such as better avatar integration, gadget progress bars, and even updated translations in selected languages.

Tempo 7 licenses are available directly from the plugin’s site (http://www.tempoplugin.com), and renewal and upgrade licenses can also be obtained, all via download or OnDemand or JIRA Enterprise options. Adding great new functionality and usability to time tracking within JIRA while also taking full advantage of the new platform version’s improvements, Tempo 7 promises to be one of the best tools yet for development teams eager to achieve efficiency and ease throughout their operation.

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About Tempo

The seventh major release of Tempo by TM Software focuses on helping users intelligently keep track of time. Central features such as timesheet creation and approval, project management, and clear customer billing have attracted a significant following throughout the development community and beyond, with clients including MTV, Intel, and Deutsche Bank. Learn more at http://www.tempoplugin.com


Petur Agustsson
petur (at) tmsoftware.is, +354 5453000

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12 Responses

  1. dan says:

    hey guys and girl,

    Is it possible to view a summary of all projects with their planned time stats? i.e. planned time, time taken, time left within planned time

    big thanks,


  2. Andy says:

    Hellooo, is there any release notes or such that go into a bit more detail regarding “what’s new” in v7?

  3. Julius says:

    can I have separate report/timesheets on certain combination of Project/component.
    To avoid huge amount of Projects created in JIRA, I intend to create just one JIRA Project per customer and represent every Client project as an JIRA component.

    • Pétur says:


      You can with the the Project timesheet present Project/component or use the advanced timesheet to base this information out of search

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