How Do People Spend Their Time At Work? (Infographic)

In celebration of the Tempo 7 launch, we created a fun infographic that shows who wastes time at work, how they are wasting it, and other interesting statistics. There are also some ideas for how to minimize time-wasting (and increase productivity), like creating flexibility, asking for input from employees, and using time tracking software (because if you’re not measuring, you don’t know where you can improve).

Fun facts:

  • Those born between 1980 – 1985 waste almost 4 times as much time at work as those born between 1930 – 1949
  • Most distracted state … (drum roll) … Missouri with 3.2 hours per day
  • 47% feel that office politics take away from their productivity

Check out the infographic for more:

How Do People Spend Their Time At Work? - Infographic


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83 Responses

  1. Contrarian Carl says:

    While some of this is true, or eye opening, time spent doing something does not mean that much.
    Example: Earlier this week at work I sent out my companies new email signature for everyone to use. I installed it and created the document for instructions in less than 20 minutes with editing, screen shots, and everything included. I then witnessed or even helped older, less educated employees take up to 45 minutes to change their signature. So if all we measured was time in changing a signature and it takes me less than 2 minutes, and someone else 45 minutes, I count as wasting 43 minutes, but we got the same end result?

    If you tracked my time for this, my job satisfaction would plummet and I would go as slow as possible on work and still be ahead of co-workers. That is wasting a bunch of my time where I could be learning or reading articles on the internet like this infographic that some say is wasting time, but I see as educational and make me more informed and worldly which is a part of culture and reflected in work.

    I think rather than spend money and making everyone track their time, and having someone to monitor that, why not treat people like adults and be results driven? If a worker gets done what they are assigned, then slacks off for 6 hours a day, he/she is no likely in line for a promotion, but they are getting done what you have asked of them. Workers appreciate being treated like humans, so if they get done what you ask of them, and then some and can still find time to be happy and read articles like this, who cares.

    • Hannes says:

      You’re right Carl, some people are more efficient at doing certain things. But Tempo can actually help management spot these efficient people so they can reward them :)

    • Michelle says:

      This is an old post, but I still want to respond.

      Yep. I have taken all of my work, created processes in excel and access so as to reduce the amount of time it takes me to complete processes (and with fewer errors). They never gave me more work to do (despite requests), so the result is that I “waste” most of my day. I am in the “young” group who waste the most time. Maybe we “waste” more time because we are more efficient =P I don’t like wasting my time, so I get things done in the most efficient way I can, while still returning a quality product. I dream of working for a ROWE company where I am treated like an adult, and as long as I get my work done, that’s all that matters.

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