Four Reasons to Use Tempo Accounts in JIRA

Tempo Accounts are great to link issues to an external system and to group issues from multiple JIRA projects under a common entity. Accounts can be useful for billing or budgetary purposes, and with accounts it is easy to keep track of identities such as customer, contact information, category, and budget. Accounts in Tempo have been extremely powerful in the last few years.

Account View

1. Account PDF Generator

Not only can you produce one PDF, you also produce reports for all accounts for a given period or time frame. The Account PDF generator can produce a PDF for a single account or produce them in a batch as a zip file — perfect for one of month reporting or billing.

Account PDF Export

2. Flexible Reporting

You can slice and dice your reporting based on your search, such as by customer or category, then make adjustments in line print or export to Excel.

Account Reporting Search

3. Budget

Setting a budget allows you to track monthly budget costs against an account, such as a time and material agreement, or for budgetary purposes.

Account Budget Settings

4. Account Report Approval

Accounts can be reviewed and approved by the account lead in an easy and simple process, providing a quick overview for account managers and team leads.

Account Approval Process

Time management and timesheet reporting have never been so easy!

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4 Responses

  1. Edgard says:

    I’m not sure I understant the concept of Account. You guys could give more examples. This posts and all the documentation about Accounts, tells that it’s very useful, but dont say much about what it really is. Since I have Customer and Project, could Account be an area (place of work) inside the Customers company? Does it have to be something related to Cost Center? Best, Edgard.

    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Edgard,

      You’re right, we’re currently working on creating materials for our customer to help them better understand Accounts. If you feel like learning more about Tempo Accounts then I recommend you attend our live walkthroughs on Tempo Timesheets were we touch on how to use accounts and you can submit all of the questions you have and we’ll answer them.

      To sign up for a free live demo walkthrough simply go to our website: and click on the Attend Demo button and find a suitable time for you to attend.

      Hope this helps!

      Best regards,

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