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September is Literacy Month, and Room to Read has officially kicked it off in style with a number of awareness and fundraising initiatives to support this extremely important cause. Literacy is something we’re passionate about at Tempo. We’ve partnered with Room to Read, and 100% of the proceeds from our $10 Starter Licenses (for JIRA download) are donated to this great initiative. We’ve raised more than $10,000 so far, and continue to raise money with each new license purchased!

Here are some important statistics about literacy:

  • 793 million people across the globe lack the ability to read and write.
  • Of all the illiterate people in the world today, two-thirds are female and over 90 percent live in developing countries.
  • If children in low income countries left school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty.
  • 42% of girls in developing countries are not enrolled in school.
  • A child born to a literate mother is twice as likely to survive past age five.

Room to Read donations have been used to:

  • Establish more than 13,500 libraries worldwide
  • Build more than 1,550 schools worldwide
  • Distribute more than 11,500,000 books globally
  • Benefit more than 6,655,000 children around the world

We encourage others to get involved, too. It’s easy! For starters, every tweet or retweet with the hashtag #RTforLiteracy raises $1 for literacy. Here’s five easy steps to get five new children’s books added to a Room to Read library, just like that!

Of course, Tempo Starter Licenses are a great way to contribute to this initiative and to try out Tempo for your organization. Not a bad deal!

How great does it feel to help send a girl to school, start a library, build new classrooms, and empower others?

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Jessie is a New York transplant living in Reykjavík. Her motto is #ABL—always be learning— and having some fun along the way. As the head of marketing, communications & legal initiatives at Tempo, Jessie thinking about storytelling, building a strong brand, growth, teamwork, and grit.

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