The Tempo Times No. 1 – The first time-tracking newspaper in the world?

The Tempo Times No. 1 - The first time-tracking newspaper in the world?

We’ve published our very own newspaper – The Tempo Times! It all started when we heard about this conference: London APE (Atlassian Partner-run Event). We wanted to help out so we became a “London APE Supporter”.

One of the benefits of being a supporter is that we could distribute a promotional thing amongst the attendees. We decided to make a fun newspaper and in a few short weeks it was finished – printed and looking good :)

It has everything you would want in a newspaper – an earth-shattering article on the front page (with a sensational photo), an editorial, full-page advertisements, a crossword puzzle, funny comic and interesting articles.

You can check out The Tempo Times No. 1 yourself here:

PDF version of The Tempo Times No. 1

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  1. […] On September 20th we took part in the London APE (Atlassian Partner-run Event) with about 120 Atlassian customers representing over 80 companies gathered at the National Archives in Kew. We had the opportunity to present to the audience Tempo time tracking and network with like-minded audience. Like always on any Atlassian event there is loads of energy and excitement that follows an event like this. We also released our first Tempo Times, a newspaper dedicated to time tracking. You can get your free copy here. […]

  2. […] Free subscription to The Tempo Times […]

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