Tempo Plugin 6 Preview

As much as we enjoy looking back on our accomplishments and experiencing the pride that comes with work well done, we also like to look forward to see what’s next in the pipelines.

Tempo Plugin 6 delivers a more harmonious user experience with JIRA, in addition to enhancing overall usability. It also includes many new reporting modules, such as more detailed team timesheets, new team reports and team worklogs, version and component reports, and high level account reports. Excel exporting functionality is also available for all detailed reports to allow for further data mining and exploration. Driving these exciting changes, we’ve thoroughly redesigned Tempo Plugin in order to start the new year with a clean code base. Tempo Plugin 6 also includes a preview of the upcoming planning allocation module, which will allow Tempo Plugin users to plan for and allocate both working and non-working days. A great range of other features and tools have been added, as well.

Tempo 6 preview

We expect to release Tempo Plugin 6 in the coming weeks with a preview of the planning and allocation modules. Stay tuned for an announcement from the Tempo Plugin Team.

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