Tempo 6.4 Deep Dive: Time off and capacity planning

Incorporating Out of Office Time and Vacations in JIRA Out of office time and vacation impacts any company. Even if you do not track time, you need to be able to know when your staff is on vacation to have realistic plans and deliveries. Here are some typical scenarios your company may face:

  • Work activities need to be planned around staff vacation or out of office time or schedule and activities are distorted.
  • Manager and team leads need to have overview of their staff’s vacation time to manage project expectations
  • The ability to change plans quickly is needed because people’s availability changes quickly

The Tempo solution

Tempo provides a way to plan activities such as vacation, by defining them as global activity available to all Tempo users by project, component or version.

  • Tempo provide a quick way to specify time off and vacations and to incorporate it into their planning and time sheets.
  • Time off and vacation are entered as a global activity available to all Tempo users by project, component or version.
  • Time off and vacation appear in time sheets without appearing as worklogs.
  • Tempo users can enter their time off or vacations or if desired this may be restricted to Tempo admins
  • If time off and vacation plans change, modification can be made inline for each plan by clicking on it and either change the dates or delete the time or vacation plan all together.
  • In our internal testing, we found a huge difference in overall success of a plan especially in communication and satisfaction when the staff can actually see their own private plan in their personal timesheet.

We are far from being complete with planning in Tempo and we encourage users to get back to us with feedback so we can make the product even better.

The video demonstrates the following:

  • How to set up vacation activity
  • How the employee plans his vacation
  • How a manager can plan other’s time and take into account capacity
  • How a manager gets overview of out of office time for his/her team

Give Tempo a Go

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I am the Product & Marketing Director for Tempo, I handle marketing, and partner relationships, along with various other product delivery and promotion tasks. Outside of work, I am most likely to be running, doing cross-fit, biking, or drinking a good cup of coffee.

2 Responses

  1. Wes says:

    Please post brief instructions in text. I can’t do videos at work.

  2. Marco says:

    Hi there, I’ve been working with a tool called TeamCal for quite some time in order to schedule e.g. vacations but also, with some adjustments, project related schedules. It’s quite handy, especially since one can link each ‘topic’ with a colour or an icon and in the end you can see for you whole team who is busy in which context when. That tool already has a simple approval mechanism. Basically you and decide ‘per topic’ if the entered schedule needs to be approved by the person in charge. What I’d like to do, besides planning my teams schedule, is also give ‘them’ the freedom to apply for their vacation times via Tempo and receive an approval from the person in charge. Furthermore it would be nice if these ‘approved’ schedule entries would be locked in some way, so that changing them would also require another approval. But that would be nice to have. The pure approval would be helpful already :) Is anything like this currently scheduled? I’ve looked into a few Tempo tutorials, but haven’t found anything matching ‘my’ requirements. Regards,… Marco

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