Keeping your department on budget using GreenHopper and Tempo

Michael Rainwater, presented a case study at the Atlassian 2011 Summit in San Francisco. This presentation shares the journey of Balfour’s development team using JIRA Studio, including GreenHopper and Tempo. Michael shares how they use JIRA, the best practices they have learned, and the results they have achieved. Michael uses GreenHopper to keep projects on track and Tempo to keep projects on budget by using billing setup. According to Michael without Tempo and GreenHopper JIRA would have been a deal-breaker. See his presentation here:

Michael is also sharing some of the custom code that allows him to generate custom budget reports that he has created by using Tempo APIs

Michael’s Bitbucket

Michael’s plugin on

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Plan, Budget, Track & Adapt with Tempo for JIRA.

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