Customer interview: You need time tracking. You just don’t know it yet.

We love coming to work everyday and get all the amazing feedback from our customers. We think it is also important to share their stories with you. Customer stories aren’t necessarily about Tempo they are also about how people have made their workplace more efficient and productive.

We met Michael Rainwater at the Atlassian Summit in San Francisco 2011 and we have since then kept a good dialog about the product and how both parties are doing. Michael has been a customer for two years and provided us great feedback and has been an inspiration for us.

Few weeks back we interviewed Michael to see how he had been progressing with Tempo within his company Balfour. Quote from that reading about time in general:

“If we don’t know what we’re doing, then we can’t make decisions about how to use this most precious resource.”

Read the full interview here.

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I am the Product & Marketing Director for Tempo, I handle marketing, and partner relationships, along with various other product delivery and promotion tasks. Outside of work, I am most likely to be running, doing cross-fit, biking, or drinking a good cup of coffee.

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